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"Compelling and uncompromising"

Emmi Maaria (b. 1992) is a London-based singer, violist and composer with broad experience in both classical and contemporary music. She was introduced to music at the age of six when she started violin lessons in Finland. Later Emmi Maaria studied music and singing in Freiburg, Germany at the University of Arts and Applied Sciences.

In spring 2020 she received a grant from The Finnish Cultural Foundation to support her studies in London. She finished her MA at the The Institute of Contemporary Music Performance in 2021 with distinction and was offered a creative coaching opportunity from composer and songwriter Julian Marshall.

With her current work she hopes to connect with people who enjoy contemporary alternative music with classical elements. Her compositions have been praised as highly creative and with a strong sense of originality. Emmi Maaria's single 'Why would we girls be sad" was played on BBC6 Music Introducing in March 2023.

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